Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ALEKS Tip - Making a Useful Report

The two most useful reports on ALEKS to me are

1. Individual detailed progress history - Full progress over last 6 months
2. Report for a single student in this class

The first report I save weekly as a history, and the second report I save when a student completes or leaves a class. I make a folder called ALEKS and keep them all in it.

However, this isn't quite useful for decision-making and seeing weekly progress. I make a spreadsheet that records the number of hours completed by the student and the percentage of the course completed once a week. A chart of hours and a chart of percentages tells more than any other. An example (template) can be found, by going to Register, then search using the FINDER and entering ALEKS. Several spreadsheets and templates will display. Click USE on the obvious one, save it, and then use it. You may want to save it as an EXCEL file on your hard drive.

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