Sunday, June 13, 2010

Costa Mesa High School Ranks in Top 6% of US Schools

Costa Mesa has joined Corona del Mar and Newport Harbor in the top 6% of US high schools according to Newsweek's easy-to-understand 2010 list based on Summer 2009 data.  CdM ranks in the top 1% and Harbor ranks in the top 3%.

For reference, Irvine's exceptional University High School is included in the chart below.  The lower the score, the better.  Only 1,600 schools out of 27,000 made the cut.

Jay Mathews, an education reporter for the Washington Post and Newsweek, developed the structure of the data.  However, the Newport-Mesa Summary, source of the chart above, is solely the responsibility of Dennis Ashendorf.

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Irha said...

I like to say Congratulation to Costa Mesa High School to have Ranks in Top 6% of US Schools. It's possible due to hard working of teachers and administration staff. They make sure the quality education which must meet the top standard. I read the interview of the Head of that school at He is very happy and revail some secrets to have this position.