Sunday, May 2, 2010

APEX Learning Workshop Report - Pomona - 28 April 2010

From other users:
  • Add senior summer school with real summer grad ceremony (major life event)
  • Two week CAHSEE prep @ 2 hours per day yields great improvement in test skills
  • Develop student flow chart to keep students on track
  • Due dates must be added for email coach reports
  • APEX must allow different color code triggers (future component)
  • Individual school sites and teachers must be allowed to modify rules
  • Print out math appendix for student use
  • Use for student email
  • Alt Ed students don't progress unless pushed continuously
  • Apex can be used within a Blackboard environment for essays
  • Locke (a Green Dot school) uses APEX 8-12 & 1-5 daily
  • Since APEX courses are grade level, one school uses NWEA 8th grade to qualify English
  • One school moved all study sheets onto online question progra.
  • APEX changed software for one school so that all inactive licenses after 30 days were archived
  • Study is available during Quizzes
  • Use Student Session report
July 1st is the new release date - what's included has not been released to Sales
CAHSEE diagnostic allegedly works well.
APEX suggests "Literacy Advantage" for EL's
AP courses can be offered to small classes using online AP APEX instructors

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