Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Math Lean Curriculum Strategy

Strategic Constraints
1. Implement National Math Panel Report inferences in compliance with California Standards.
2. Press forward with rigor in accordance with the American Diploma Project & Algebra 2 test.
3. Cope with bifurcation of student math achievement by minimizing dropouts.

A. Use Singapore Math for K during 2008-9 school year (training must occur during summer).
If this is not achievable, then at least one school must step up to implement.
B. Do not choose any other K-5 texts during the new textbook cycle - unless failure occurs.
C. Use Singapore Math for K-1 during 2009-10, K-2 during 2010-11, . . . .
D. During 2008-9, form a team to refine the Algebra 1/2 curriculum to align with Panel.
E. Start Algebra 1/2 sequence in 2009-10.
F. During 2008-9, form a team to refine Algebra ABCD and Intermediate Algebra to align with the panel and to decrease drop-outs. This may entail technology such as ALEKS and a end-focus on CHSPE prep.
G. Grants may have to be sought to encourage/demand CHSPE participation for IA students.
H. Insure that the CRC obtains a state school code and conducts summer school around the district. Year-round summer school credits must not be issued by EHS, CdM, H, or CM.
I. Summer School needs to be loosely scheduled for dropout prevention. Classes need to be open for over 60 hours, but only require 60 hours for attendance. More than one teacher can be assigned to a class so that the lead teacher's attendance burden is also minimized.

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