Monday, December 31, 2007

Classroom Computing Approach

Each classroom is different both in layout and wiring senses and also in teacher comfort and purpose when it comes to using computers. One size does not fit all. Policy should allow teachers to incorporate computing as they become not only more comfortable with computer-based instruction but also more understanding of the appropriate trade-offs between facilitated online learning and direct instruction. These are different roles. Some teachers are better at one that the other. Also, students vary in their aptitude and maturity in using computers. As a result, it is best for a district or school to provide computers as requested into a classroom, not install the same number in each or blindly pursue some policy like 1:1 or 5:1.

2:1 Classroom Computing with leveraged, network computers provides a framework for school support of classrooms that flexibly and rapidly adapts to teacher and student needs. This design should be modeled for teachers. It permits both small group instruction and computerized instruction: one day half of a class works on the computers individually and the other half work directly with the teacher. The next day the students switch. There are several ways to model this.

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